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School Based Apprentices & Trainees around NSW have been showing off their skills in the lead-up to the launch of The Bright Future Campaign, a NSW Government initiative supporting students and attracting employers around NSW with the aim of skilling up for the future.

School Based Trainee Chef Jesse Adams is just one of more than 2,000 high school students currently enrolled throughout NSW in a School Based Apprenticeship & Traineeship (SBAT). Every Saturday, Jesse showcases his cooking skills at Catalina, Rose Bay where he works once a week under experienced Executive Chef Mark Axisa. While balancing a Year 12 workload, Jesse is close to completing his Certificate II Hospitality Traineeship and on a pathway from school to his dream career.
Working under an experienced Executive Chef gives Jesse the opportunity for real workplace training. Although the pressure is on for Jesse, he says that “doing a School Based Traineeship gives you a head start in what you want to do after school”.

The Bright Future Campaign is an initiative established by NSW Department of Education and Communities to promote the concept of School Based Apprenticeships & Traineeships (SBATs) and Work Placement to employers around NSW.
The campaign is working to address any concerns or misconceptions that businesses might have about taking on a Work Placement student or School Based Apprentice or Trainee and showcasing the benefits both long and short term for industry, employers, schools and students.
SBATs and Work Placements provide a platform for students to explore an industry area and get a head start in their career while still completing their Higher School Certificate. SBATs are nationally recognised through Vocational Education and Training (VET) and the Higher School Certificate (HSC).

Apprenticeships and Traineeships also provide an important pathway from school to work, giving students a unique opportunity to attain qualifications and essential experience through paid employment before they have even left high school.
The Bright Future Campaign is encouraging more students to complete Apprenticeships and Traineeships throughout Years 10, 11 and 12 so that the next generation can not only come out of school with an education, but also with vital workplace experience and skills ready to enter the workforce.
Innovative employers like Catalina, Rose Bay are seeing the benefits of SBATs and Work Placements, and are taking advantage of the opportunities they present. “It’s good to get fresh blood into the industry,” says Mr Axisa.
The hands-on experience provides businesses with extra workers and a chance to pass on skills to secure the future of their business.

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